CSA elect new board members

2010-08-21 13:55

Johannesburg - Dr Mtutuzeli Nyoka has been reappointed President of Cricket South Africa (CSA) for the next two years, at CSA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday morning, having been nominated unopposed for the position.

Former KwaZulu-Natal President, Abdool K. Khan, takes over the Vice Presidency position from Ray Mali, who opted not to stand for election.

The position of Chairman of the Finance and Commercial Committee (FINCOM) received two nominations, John Bester and existing Chairman, Professor Hentie Van Wyk. Bester was voted in ahead of Van Wyk, who has served CSA in this position for the past four years.

The three Black African representatives, Dr. Oupa Nkagisang, Zola Thamae and Ernest Molotsi, were reappointed for another two years.

Gary Naidoo and Thandeka Mgoduso were appointed as the two Independent Directors.

John Blair was the only nomination for the position of Head of Audit and Risk and replaced Colin Beggs, who opted not to stand for election.


  • swordsman - 2010-08-21 15:13

    Is this what you call a "All Black Team" Very noticible the absence of White representation, Ah well! all the same for Circket, football, Athletics and so many othre sport--- run by black majority, and your team is at the bottom of the heap--- Luckily i whatch Formula 12 racing, at least its run by an "All white team

  • cricketfan - 2010-08-21 16:52

    @swordsman... your comment makes me sick mate. truely sick. what makes you think that, as you call it, an "All Black Team" is unable to manage CSA like their white counterparts? Give them a chance and judge them on the outcome. not on your predefined&shortsighted notions that "black is bad". get with the programme. and Yes, I am white and proud of it. GO CSA!

  • Davie - 2010-08-21 17:39

    Swordsman, what do you expect. This was on the cards a while ago. Just proof how fast sport in this country has gone down the sewer. They already poisened it with the stupid "quota" system where color is more important than form. Yes, I WAS an avid league player but with all the recent nonsense in the game have completely ;lost interest in it. Couldnt care less. Top class in form whites in soccer, but do you think they will ever be gicen a chance? Not any more as long as they want an allblack banana banana team. Just watch for the new 4x4's being ordered for the board.

  • Iain - 2010-08-22 10:29

    Very disappointing that we see no coloured and indian representation on the board.Does black representatives mean ethnic black only?Is this board representative according to our demographics?No it is not.Things just get said when it is not in favour of ceratin race groups.I hope they discussed the the bonus payments to the CSA employees as well.We as cricket supporters want know why thay got such rididclous amounts of money.

  • war - whites against racism - 2010-08-27 16:10

    They need to vote democratically, and not reserve position for specific race groups. Its rubbish, there are enough good administrators from all race groups now. Drop the racism CSA

  • ex fan - 2010-08-31 08:31

    oh no! Abdool A Khan, vice president! you gotta be joking! ever noticed how the only indian denomination that gets selected for cricket is muslim? its true! really, expecially in KZN. you have to know the right people, and have lots of money to become a dolphins player, thats a fact, talent is no requirement. out of all the indians that are selected, majority remain muslim, and the few non indians that are selected are there just beacuse their parents suck up to the muslim selectors. ive seen it happen. parents of well known players have even admitted that did they not have the kind of money they posess, their children never would have made it big. most of us I dont blame players that leave the country to play elsewhere.

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