CSA, Arendse's arbitration set

2012-11-03 08:33

Johannesburg - The SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) announced on Friday that the arbitration process between Cricket South Africa (CSA) and Norman Arendse would take place from November 10.

This follows the postponement of CSA's annual general meeting scheduled to end on November 30.

Former CSA president Arendse lodged a complaint with SASCOC after his absence from the new board.

CSA earlier released the names of five independent board members, to form a new board of directors, who would sit alongside the five provincial union presidents. The five would have been selected at the annual general meeting.

SASCOC objected to the make-up of the board.

"The sport should be run primarily by sports people, and should be reflective of the geopolitical boundaries of our country which will effectively see the proper implementation of the Transformation Charter of the country," SASCOC said in a statement.

The arbitration process will commence at Olympic House, Johannesburg on November 10 and continue on November 11.


  • Johnny - 2012-11-03 09:31

    He is just a SUURGAT this Arendse. Thats all. Who does he think he is ?? AH

  • andrevanvuuren - 2012-11-03 10:58

    This is an interesting case...what Arendse is suggesting with this arbitration process is that, if you are not appointed to a position, you can object and proceed to arbitration. As I understand it to be, the law only provides for separations or dismissals, and does not cover eventualities such as not being appointed to a position. Mr Arendse, as a senior lawyer, you should understand the principle of precedent and what would could occur in the event of your arbitration being successful.

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