As it happened: SA v Oz Day 1

2014-03-01 17:30


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Commentary by Sport24's Herman Mostert

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BATSMEN IN : - Michael Clarke 92*, Steve Smith 50*

BATSMEN OUT : - Chris Rogers 25, Alex Doolan 20, David Warner 135

18:01 - THAT'S STUMPS FOR DAY 1! Definitely Australia's day this one, with the Proteas woes further worsened after losing Dale Steyn to an apparent hamstring injury midway through the second session.

Join us again at 10:30 tomorrow morning for some more commentary...

17:57 - FOUR! Flashy square drive from Clarke as Philander errs in length yet again. Clarke into the nineties now...

17:56 - 50-UP for Smith! Smith brings up his sixth Test fifty with a sweetly timed lob over the slips after yet another short delivery from Morkel.

17:54 - Morkel bangs in another short one after play resumes, but Clarke was waiting for it and pushes it to the covers and runs through for a quick single.

17:50 - Morkel, now operating from around the wicket, wraps Clarke on the gloves, hitting his right thumb as he only succeeds in fending it down to gully, but the Australian skipper needs some attention and not for the first time today...

17:45 - The new ball has brought it's fair share of excitement as expected, but not in the way of wickets as 24 runs have been scored in the first three overs since its introduction.

17:43 - HALF-CHANCE! Clarke lobs a Morkel short ball to deep square leg, where a desperate Robin Peterson dives short of the bouncing ball.

17:42 - FOUR! Short and wide from Morkel, Clarke's been in long enough to punish it.

17:40 - FOUR! Morkel's first delivery of the 85th over drops short and gets the treatment from Clarke.

17:39 - FOUR! Philander strays onto Smith's pads and the young Australian makes no mistake by sending the final delivery of the 84th over to the ropes.

17:38 - FOUR! A bit shorter from Philander, but Smith's thick outside edge beats his namesake at gully as he moves into the forties.

17:36 - 300-up for Australia! Big Vern's first ball with the new rock from the Wynberg end is dispatched to the boundary as he overpitches a delivery which swung quite a bit.

17:35 - Tidy over from Morkel, who got the ball to shape away from Clarke somewhat, but without any real threat to the skipper's wickets.

17:30 - Morne Morkel comes back into the attack as he is given the first bite of the new cherry....huge moment this...considering the heat Morkel has been serving up all day and the Proteas are in dire need of a breakthrough.


17:29 - As that is said, Morkel seems to have heeded to the captain's call to limber up.

17:27 - No sign of Big Vern or Morkel warming up. Elgar continues from the Wynberg end.

17:25 - Smith has not opted to take the new ball immediately as Duminy continues.

17:24 - New ball now available!

17:23 - Quick work by De Villiers behind the stumps as Elgar pushes one down Smith's leg side, but the Australian clearly had his back foot rooted to the crease at all times.

17:19 - Spin from both ends now as Smith looks to protect his fast bowlers even further in preparation for the new ball, Duminy returns to the attack.

17:16 - Another maiden over from Abbott as the Proteas edge closer to that new cherry they so desperately are in need of...

17:11 - SIX! Smith is on the attack now as he hoists Elgar into the sight screen for the maximum.

17:08 - FOUR! Smith dispatches Abbott to the boundary after the Dolphins seamer strays onto his pads to bring an end to the 75th over.

17:03 - Clarke thought about taking on Morne Morkel at deep long-on, but decided against it as Elgar drops the final delivery of his over a tad shorter to concede a single.

16:59 - Former Australian great Shane Warne looking comfortable in the dressing room as if he never left. He is with the team in an advisory capacity for the final Test in Cape Town.

16:53 - Maiden over from Abbott.

16:49 - Smith rotating his bowlers accordingly to account for Steyn's absence. Abbot on now, replacing Morkel from the Kelvin Grove end.

16:47 - That's four of Elgar's over as drinks are served, with a mere 10 overs left until the Proteas can take the new ball.

16:44 - Dean Elgar back into the attack, replacing Duminy from the Wynberg end.

16:41 - Big lbw appeal by Morkel against Smith. But given not out. Rightly so. Way too high.

16:39 - PICTURE

FIFTY for Michael Clarke. One of the toughest he'll ever make. #SAvAUS  - FOX SPORTS Cricket

16:37 - Also 250 up for the visitors, coming off 406 balls.

16:36 - HALF-CENTURY for Clarke. His 28th Test 50. It had to come. He's too talented a player to go more than 12 innings without a substantial score.

16:35 - The Australian run-rate has gone down in the last while, but is still at a healthy 3.61 per over.

16:30 - TWEET

Ray Jennings is a tough coach but even he can't control his emotions. What an amazing effort by him and his U19s! #U19CWC - Kass Naidoo

16:22 - SA U-19s ARE WORLD CHAMPS!!!

The South African Under-19s are world champions after beating Pakistan by six wickets in the Under-19 World Cup final in Dubai.

Chasing 132 for victory, the South Africans reached 134/4 in 42.1 overs.

Well done lads!

CLICK HERE for a full scorecard.

16:19 - Clarke gets three runs off the Morkel over. He handled him with much more aplomb this time round.

16:15 - Morkel is back on. Time for some more ferocity...  

16:11 - PICTURE

STRIKING AT THE RIGHT TIME... JP Duminy (Gallo Images)

16:07 - Clarke solidly plays Abbott off the back foot for four to move into the 30s. Finding his groove now after surviving an earlier onslaught from Morkel.

16:00 - Commentators questioning why Warner did not want to walk straight away after edging it. He asked his skipper's advice first. Clarke then told him to walk.

Warner is a top batsman no doubt, but NOT a top bloke...

15:58 - Smith survives a moment of madness when the steps down the pitch to Duminy. He gets a top edge but it goes over the inner ring and bounces safe...

15:57 - Amazing how often Duminy can strike at the right time. Almost Eddie Barlow-like?

15:56 - Steve Smith is the next batsman in.

15:54 - WICKET! Duminy has answered my call. He gets Warner for 135, caught by De Villiers who almost fumbled it but took it on the second attempt! Australia 217/3.

15:53 - Duminy now on to try weave some magic...

15:47 - Next ball, Warner rubs salts into SA's wounds by smacking Elgar for six on the leg side. That flew into the Railway Stand!


Smith misses a chance at first slip when Clarke edges Elgar. He completely missed that but must go down as a drooped chance...

15:42 - DID YOU KNOW?

This is now the first time in 12 Test innings that Michael Clarke has gone past 25!

15:37 - 200 up  for Australia, coming off 319 balls.

15:32 - Philander will start the final session.

15:32 - Steyn still off the field...

15:30 - Welcome back for the final session. Unless South Africa claim a few wickets in this session, they'll face the risk of being batted out of the game...

15:12 - TEA ON DAY 1: Australia 195/2

Again Australia's session having lost only one wicket, but South Africa did at least bring the run rate down. It is 3.75 per over now.

The Proteas must hope Dale Steyn's injury is not serious enough to keep him sidelined... otherwise it will be hard toil to get a sniff in this match!

Join us again in about 20 minutes for some more commentary....

15:05 - Philander now back into the attack, which means Clarke has survived that brutal Morkel spell.  

15:03 - 50 PARTNERSHIP between Clarke and Warner, coming off 118 balls.

14:57 - TWEET

And after watching this little period test cricket at its best, can't figure how people still want more T20s! - Craig Ray

14:46 - Ferocious bowling from Morkel. Clarke had no clue there.

The Newlands crowd has come alive! Test cricket at its best.

14:45 - PICTURE

Ouch! #SAvAUS - FOX SPORTS Cricket

14:42 - Morkel hits Clarke again. It comes off his gloves but bounces in no-man's land...

14:42 - Clarke is back up, fights on...

14:41 - Clarke is down now after being struck on the helmet by Morkel... Went off his shoulder and into his face area...

15:37 - PICTURE

That's a serious bruise. Ouch! #SAvAUS - FOX SPORTS Cricket


Dale Steyn is off with a right hamstring strain and is receiving treatment from the physio. Good news is no scan is required.

Aussie skipper Clarke is also struggling with a seriously bruised arm.

14:26 - Robin Peterson is on the field for Steyn.

14:26 - Slow left-armer Dean Elgar is now on.


Steyn again leaves the field. Holding his right leg while limping up the stairs...

14:19 - The good thing for South Africa is that the Aussie run-rate is only 2.86 in this session, although their overall rate is still a healthy 3.95.

14:18 - PICTURE

"Thank you, cricket Gods". #SAvAU - FOX SPORTS Cricket

14:17 - CENTURY for Warner, off just 104 balls. His seventh Test century.

A clinical innings from Warner. No chances given this time...

14:14 - Abbott continues from the Wynberg end.

14:10 - It's drinks in the afternoon session at Newlands and the Aussies are 154-2.

14:08 - PICTURE: 

Warner survives - FOX SPORTS Cricket

14:07 - SNICKO shows the ball had hit Warner's thigh pad. The decision stands.

14:07 - Given not out. Proteas review the decision...

14:06 - Massive caught behind appeal against Warner... Steyn is the bowler, De Villiers thinks he caught it down leg side...

13:58 - 150 up for Australia, coming off 218 balls. Run-rate 4.12.

13:52 - Abbott now on from the Wynberg end.

13:47 - Steyn can come back on now... He bowls from the Kelvin Grove end to Warner on 90.

13:45 - TWEET

SA conceding boundaries all too glibly. Not a great way to build pressure - Rob Houwing

13:38 - Oh wait, Steyn is not allowed to bowl because he had been off for five minutes. He has to wait a while, as Duminy comes back on.

Correct decision though. Rules are rules!

13:37 - Steyn, who has since come back on, is back bowling as well...

13:36 - That was a poor shot from Doolan though. If I was his coach, I'd be rather upset...

13:35 - Australian skipper Michael Clarke is next in.

13:33 - WICKET! Doolan plays a rash shot and is caught a wide mid-on by Steyn off the bowling of Philander.

He is out for 20. Tried a pull shot and got a top edge!

Australia 138/2.

13:31 - Warner is continuing where he left off before lunch. Fast closing in on his century...

13:29 - Dale Steyn is currently off the field. It's still uncertain what the problem is...

13:18 - PICTURE

View from the Railway Stand - (Sport24 fan Wicus Steenkamp)

13:17 - Some excitement as Philander beats the outside edge of Doolan... close, but no cigar!

13:14 - Philander bowls the second over after lunch.


The SA U-19s are playing Pakistan in the final in Dubai.

Pakistan have been bowled out for 131. A great chance for a South African side to win a World Cup!

CLICK HERE for a live scorecard on the game...

13:10 - Abbott will start proceedings. He bowls to Warner.

13:09 - Welcome back for the afternoon session.

A session of vital importance. The Proteas must get rid of Warner, who is batting at more than a run a ball...

His 75 off 73 balls is great for one-day cricket.

13:01 - PICTURE

Fans on the field during the lunch break... - Liam Brickhill

12:31 - LUNCH ON DAY 1: Australia 118/1 after 26 overs.

That was a great toss to win on a good batting wicket. Hard work ahead for South Africa's bowlers in the afternoon session.

Join us in about 40 minutes for more commentary...

12:31 - No luck in the final over for Morkel.

12:27 - Morkel to bowl the final over before lunch.

12:24 - 50 PARTNERSHIP between Warner and Doolan, coming off 67 balls.

12:22 - Some of the commentators are describing this pitch as looking more like a Day 2 pitch... No doubt the best time to bat right now it seems.

12:18 - Morkel now back on. Can he strike just before lunch?

12:18 - PICTURE

Sorry Adelaide but cricket grounds don't come any more picturesque than Newlands #SAvsAUS - Andrew Ramsey

12:12 - Philander is back on from the Kelvin Grove End.

12:11 - PICTURE

David Warner doing his talking with the bat today... (Gallo Images)

12:09 - Apologies for the slight break. Internet connection was down.

11:53 - Steyn getting one ball to Doolan to reverse swing. This is strange so early in the game. Could be ominous for the Aussies...

11:44 - HALF-CENTURY for Warner, coming off 50 balls. He went to 50 with a "five" after Philander had shied to the stumps and the ball ricocheting to the boundary...

11:34 - Alex Doolan is next in.

11:31 - Some great away-movement there from Steyn. The switch to the Wynberg End did the trick!

11:30 - WICKET! Rogers is out for 25, caught by Graeme Smith at second slip off the bowling of Steyn. Australia 65/1.

11:28 - Steyn now back on. His first two overs cost 18. Can only improve.

11:27 - Abbott starts with a maiden over...

11:26 - Abbott immediately shows promise when he beats the outside edge of Rogers' bat. A hint of away movement there...

11:24 - Kyle Abbott now into the attack. He has been on fire in domestic cricket this season. Lets hope he can replicate that here...

11:23 - TWEET

Morkel apart, this is one of the most impotent first sessions of day 1 I've seen of a Proteas attack in a while - Rob Houwing


The SA U-19s are playing Pakistan in the final in Dubai.

Pakistan are currently 46/4 after 17 overs.

CLICK HERE for a live scorecard on the game...

11:14 - 50 up for Australia, coming 57 balls.

This the first time these two have put up 50 together in the first innings of a Test match - at their 10th attempt.

They do, however, have two 50s and one 100 in second innings...

11:13 - TWEET

A spinner on after 9 overs!!Gimme a break Newlands!We have the best fast bowling unit in the world... - Pat Symcox

11:12 - Off-spinner JP Duminy already on, in the 10th over!

11:10 - Australia have now passed the 47 they were bowled out for the last time they batted at this ground...

11:08 - TWEET

Warner v Morkel in Tests: 130 runs in 140 balls, 1 dismissal. Average 130, Run rate 5.57. Only 1 winner in this contest so far - S Rajesh

10:58 - After three boundaries in the last Philander over, Warner top edges the final ball into no-man's land in the covers. First bit of luck for him...

10:56 - Warner is smacking Philander all over the park here...

10:53 - After five overs the Australian run-rate exactly six per over!

10:51 - Morkel's second ball already up at 149.7km/h! He beats Rogers' bat...

10:50 - Morkel must show the same aggression he showed in PE last week, especially as this looks a very decent batting strip...

10:49 - Morné Morkel replaces Dale Steyn. No rhythm from Steyn this morning...

10:43 - Good start so far by Australia. Not much swing yet for Steyn and Philander...

A good toss to win!

10:41 - PICTURE

I can imagine there are worse ways to spend a Saturday morning...#SAvAus - Freddie Wilde

10:39 - Big lbw shout off the second Philander ball - but it pitched outside leg...

10:37 - Vernon Philander to bowl the second over to Warner.

10:36 - Wayward first over from Steyn. Two boundaries conceded.

10:33 - Rogers drives the second ball behind backward point for four...

10:33 - Dale Steyn starts proceedings from the Kelvin Grove end. He bowls to Rogers.

10:31 - A window is open behind the sight-screen. Three-minute delay because of that. 

10:30 - David Warner and Chris Rogers stride out for the Aussies. Expect the Proteas to be fired up to bowl at Warner after he claimed they tampered with the ball in last week's Test in PE.

10:28 - TWEET

Jeez. The atmosphere is IMMENSE at Newlands! National anthems. Goosebumps everywhere - Neil Manthorp

10:25 - Both teams now out on the park for the pre-match national anthems.

Advance Australia Fair and Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika...


18 500 fans expected to arrive today!

10:18 - Terrific atmosphere at Newlands! Proteas fast bowler Morné Morkel said it felt like a World Cup final when he drove through the gates earlier this morning...

10:14 - No doubt an important toss to win by Australia this morning. Batting will be tough for the first hour or so but in general a good pitch to bat on.

There should be some seam movement early on so it's vitally important for South Africa to strike early on!

10:12 - PICTURE

Clarke wins the toss and elects to bat... (Cricket South Africa)


Shane Watson replaces Shaun Marsh and James Pattinson replaces Peter Siddle.

Watson will bat at No 6.

Team: David Warner, Chris Rogers, Alex Doolan, Michael Clarke, Steven Smith, Shane Watson, Brad Haddin, Mitchell Johnson, James Pattinson, Ryan Harris, Nathan Lyon


Alviro Petersen replaces Quinton de Kock and Kyle Abbott replaces Wayne Parnell.

Petersen will open the batting, with Dean Elgar in at No 3.

Faf du Plessis will bat at No 6.

Team: Graeme Smith, Alviro Petersen, Dean Elgar, Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis, JP Duminy, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Kyle Abbott

10:00 - TOSS

Australian captain Michael Clarke has won the toss and elected to bat first.


A bit of grass cover, but still a dry pitch. There will be some seam movement early on but it will be a good pitch to bat on later in the day.

Win the toss, you must bat first, says Kepler Wessels and Shaun Pollock...


Australia's David Warner has been fined after pleading guilty to a charge of making inappropriate comments about AB de Villiers.

Click HERE for the full article...


Australian captain Michael Clarke on Friday criticised David Warner over comments that earned the opening batsman a fine from International Cricket Council match referee Roshan Mahanama.

Click HERE for the full article...


Shane Warne's vast experience has been well utilised by the Australian squad in the lead-up to the third Test against South Africa.

Click HERE for the full article...



Former Proteas wicketkeeper Mark Boucher made an appearance at a Proteas training session this week - Twitter

9:16 - MATCH DAY!

Newlands looking spectacular ahead of Day 1 in Cape Town - Twitter


If South Africa win in Cape Town it will be their first series win at home against Australia since 1970 - they have lost four and drawn two since their readmission.

Australia will finish the series second on the ICC's Test rankings if they win or draw in Cape Town, but third if they lose - South Africa cannot be budged from first.

Australia have lost their past two Cape Town Tests but prior to that had an excellent record there, having won nine of the previous ten Tests they had played there.



"This would be an amazing achievement by this team to win this Test match, and as an individual player who has played a lot of cricket around the world if this doesn't excite you, you are in the wrong sport." - Michael Clarke



A dry pitch is expected in Cape Town, where the weather has been very hot and windy in the lead-up to the Test. Groundsman Evan Flint has the challenge of ensuring there is enough moisture in the surface to prevent it from breaking up too early, but whatever the case, batting last will not be easy. There are some showers expected during the match, with the third day shaping as the most likely to be affected.


Australian skipper Michael Clarke has led his team in 19 Tests away from home. This is his record...

Played 19
Won 5
Lost 9
Drawn 5

That includes a 1-1 drawn series against the Proteas in 2011/12


A reminder of the Proteas' tour itinerary against Australia


February 12-16, First Test, Centurion - Australia won by 281 runs
February 20-24, Second Test, St George's Park - South Africa won by 231 runs
March 1-5, Third Test, Cape Town - 10:30


March 9, First T20, St George's Park - 14:30
March 12, Second T20, Kingsmead - 18:00
March 14, Third T20, Centurion - 18:00


South Africa:

Graeme Smith, Alviro Petersen, Dean Elgar, Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis, JP Duminy, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Kyle Abbott


David Warner, Chris Rogers, Alex Doolan, Michael Clarke, Steven Smith, Shane Watson, Brad Haddin, Mitchell Johnson, James Pattinson, Ryan Harris, Nathan Lyon


Umpires - Kumar Dharmasena (Sri Lanka) and Aleem Dar (Pakistan)
TV umpire - Ray Illingworth (England)
Match referee - Roshan Mahanama (Sri Lanka)
Reserve umpire - Adrian Holdstock (South Africa)

Welcome to Sport24's LIVE scoring and interactive commentary on Day 1 of the third Test between South Africa and Australia at Newlands in Cape Town.


  • jakkals.rooies - 2014-03-01 10:00

    Go Proteas, show us!

      Ted Bug - 2014-03-01 12:24

      Thanks again to groundsmen Morkel is neutralized.

      Ted Bug - 2014-03-01 12:25

      Why, why, why do we prepare pitches for the opposition?

      Richard Barnes - 2014-03-01 15:48

      How is the wicket favouring the opposition? We both have predominantly seam/swing attacks. If it's flat for our quick bowlers, it will be flat for theirs too.

  • oldman.vic.5 - 2014-03-01 10:11

    Aus won the toss. May they toss the win.

  • thuli.mbene - 2014-03-01 10:14

    The great decider. :)

  • mathew.krog - 2014-03-01 10:30

    Why did they drop the de kock for Petersen?

      thuli.mbene - 2014-03-01 10:34

      Was just thinking how Aussie appears to have made changes for the better, and the proteas less so.

      Peter Andreas - 2014-03-01 10:48

      i would also like to knw why they dropped de kock so guickly

      Sean Tearnan - 2014-03-01 12:13

      It's a pity out sides get chosen on colour as opposed to skill and performance. It's not good for team / players or country. We lose top players to other countries and then others are considered quotas. This is no good to anyone

  • Siakha Bin Gxagxa - 2014-03-01 12:25

    Deciding test @ 1-1. Two of the best cricket sides and then someone decides to pepare a flat wicket. Wordless

  • John Jessup - 2014-03-01 12:31

    Again we see that SA wicket preparation is "pot luck". No scientific clue. Hopefully we can get the ball to do something in the air when it shines up. But boy, how ordinary does our attack look when there is no assistance from the conditions.

      Richard Barnes - 2014-03-01 15:43

      Would we be complaining about the wicket preparation if we were batting on it?

      Gunner ZN - 2014-03-02 08:43

      Agree, no assistance they are pretty ordinary. @Barnes, u prepare a wicket to win the game and not draw.

  • John Jessup - 2014-03-01 12:36

    Maybe our under 19's can show us how to do it. Pakistan 93/7 after 36 overs.

  • Yagyah Rabin - 2014-03-01 13:24

    wow NEWLANDS IS SOLD OUT!!!!! Rest Of SA Should take note

  • rods.kapedi - 2014-03-01 13:32

    Eish these ouens are trekking swaer. Warner chews their ears off in the week then bliksem then in the field....gee my krag!!!

  • Wesleigh Norton - 2014-03-01 14:31

    Proteas really need to take some wickets FAST, and with Steyn off the pitch its going to difficult. come on boys!!

  • Garfield Minnaar - 2014-03-01 15:00

    Morkel is wasting energy with this bouncers...period

  • Johnny Vink - 2014-03-01 15:09

    Why letting Elgar bowl,whyl Duminy is the better bowler? Whynot attacking the whickets rather than the player.

  • Sam Stim Ramohale - 2014-03-01 15:12

    Warner is a huge mountain to climb, he is administrating discipline

  • Baainaar Hofman - 2014-03-01 15:38

    Ja ja ja julle abbot bowl sommer stront wats die xcuse nou want daar is nie n quota om te blame x bly Rory speel nie ek abbot en quota morkel moet sommer nog meer gebliksem word

  • Baainaar Hofman - 2014-03-01 15:43

    No Robbie P to blame hehehehe wat are u saying now

  • Baainaar Hofman - 2014-03-01 15:57

    En duminy to the rescue wat will this country do without players of color they all deserve to be there abbot is hondsleg en morne is worse ga-sies

  • John Jessup - 2014-03-01 16:04

    It's not very clever to produce a pitch that assumes the home side will win the toss and bat. That is gambling. The pitch, like the PE one, needed to limit bounce and allow some movement off the seam. That is where our bowlers excel compared with theirs.

  • Kgosi Samuel Mogosetso - 2014-03-01 16:33

    Let me take this oppotunity to say well done to SA under 19 for lifting the world cup they really made us proud and the future looks bright going forward

  • Kgosi Samuel Mogosetso - 2014-03-01 16:34

    Let me take this oppotunity to say well done to SA under 19 for lifting the world cup they really made us proud and the future looks bright going forward

  • Garfield Minnaar - 2014-03-01 16:42

    If Clarke batt until tomorrow he will most probably get a double century!!!

  • Johnny Vink - 2014-03-01 17:02

    Hulle het probeer om my Koning kaptein af t knou,my hier staan hy nog met sy bree kolf. Wys die bleek gesigte King Mike!!!!!!

      Garfield Minnaar - 2014-03-01 17:55

      As hule hom ni venand uit kry ni Dan gan hy more ñ dubbel honerd aanteking

  • Tumi Motlatla - 2014-03-01 17:55

    News24 why are you not reporting on our under 19 world cup championship success? What are you waiting for it's been more than an hour since they were crowned champs?

  • Jean Blaton - 2014-03-01 18:29

    SA can only draw or loose from this position. Rain tomorrow in the Cape will save them from the latter! Hopefully...

  • Johnny Axe - 2014-03-02 00:20

    Michael Clarke you legend. Toughing it out and taking everything Morkel gave to him. If he hasn't earned your respect today you have zero idea about cricket.

      Gunner ZN - 2014-03-02 08:33

      Agree, to be honest i was expecting it from pup. His performance just lifts the performance of aus team to next level. Going to tough for Sa. They may have the rain on their side.

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