Injury scare for Boucher

2011-10-27 14:09

Durban - Mark Boucher sustained a blow to his right index finger in the nets on Thursday morning ahead of South Africa's third one-day cricket international (ODI) in Durban, but was fine to play on Friday, according to team doctor and manager Mohammed Moosajee.

"He's in a bit of discomfort but there’s nothing untoward and he should be fine for Friday," said Moosajee.

A ball from Wayne Parnell lifted at him and after having his fingers strapped, Boucher was back in the nets.

"We're managing the injury with ice and compression but, if we need to do any further investigations, it will probably be post Friday's game," Moosajee said.

In his medical capacity, Moosajee said he did not foresee any problems but there was always a plan B if necessary.

"There are always contingency plans in place and it would be up to the selectors to decide who to fly out but, for now, we don't even have any concerns."

Ray Jennings had been present at the team's training sessions and was seen working intensively with Boucher on Thursday.

Proteas' captain Hashim Amla said he was impressed with Boucher's decision to seek assistance from someone of such experience.

"Every player has a mentor and Ray was obviously a star wicketkeeper while Bouch was growing up," said Amla.

"I can only see benefit in him seeking assistance from such an experienced player.

"Boucher is a world record holder himself, so to get advice from somebody who played before him - it shows a lot of humility and all credit to him."


  • Kgopotso - 2011-10-27 15:01

    I wish he can get a lifetime injury..Dnt know what the hell he is doing in the team..Its time to groom a new wicketkeeper..Gary catch a wake up bru..

      Dhirshan - 2011-10-27 15:30

      true mate, daryn smit is the man - why are they not picking him? bouch is a legend though!

      Nick - 2011-10-27 15:47

      Kgopotso - well said mate! Mark Boucher is the biggest MYTH in the history of world cricket! It is only the naive Protea supporter who cannot see this...! He - together with Smith and Kallis - have for too many years "ruled" the team - thinking it's their own private little club - to the exclusion of other players (from Nicky Boje to Herschelle Gibbs - just ask them for the stories behind the story with those 3 tossers!). Where Kallis' pedigree is not up for question - one wonders why the useless Boucher is still in the team...??? The useless MYTH has a Test average of ONLY +/- 30 - while Brad Haddin, MS Dhoni, and Matt Prior (from the other 3 top teams in world cricket) - are all comfortably in the 40's - around 44 in fact. Adam Gilchrist set the bar with his keeping and batting - in Test cricket and ODI's.. Ditto Kumar Sangakarra! Yet - ignorant/naive Protea supporters think Boucher is the "best" - hahahahahahahahaha! Boucher has never been - and will never be - as good as any of the above...... But - no, alas - the selectors keep on with this tosser - and naive Protea supporters blindly follow the rubbish put out in the press and media about Boucher being a "nuggety fighter" etc etc - yes, sure - with his pathetic average of only 30! Remember - wicket-keeper batsmen must be able to keep wicket AND bat! Yet - we keep this useless MYTH in the team with his USELESS Test ave of only 30! Did you know - Gilly's Test strike-rate - is better than the MYTH's ODI strike-rate!

      granville.paulse - 2011-10-27 16:59

      Nick please don't forget, Mark Boucher is the most valuable "BEHIND THE SCENES" guy. BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

      Mark - 2011-10-28 08:38

      Nick, you getting a bit worked up here mate - maybe something personal against Bouch. The fact is your so called "myth" is a legend of the world game. His multiple world records attest to this. Another fact is, other keepers have been tried - van Wyk, Kuhn, Tsolekile etc and all of them have been found wanting. How many ex international cricketers have you heard calling for Bouchers head? not many, why? because they are REAL cricket people who understand the game and not armchair scribes such as yourself. The fact that Gary Kirsten put Bouch back in the squad just shows how much he is respected by people who have played the game at the highest level.

  • Justin - 2011-10-27 15:57

    It's going to be rained out again, so don't worry. Anyway Boucher is only there coz AB is out, and there are no other keepers in SA with a proven track record. How many times in the past has Bouchie saved the team when the top order collapses? I still rate him as an ODI keeper, but agree that his time has come in test cricket, as nowadays a test keeper must be able to make the team as a geniune 6 or 7 bat. Boje and Gibbs? - oh pleez, talk about going backwards. I agree that Smith on the otherhand should be dropped for Alviro, and Steyn should be dropped for Rusty in ODI's...

      Nick - 2011-10-27 16:14

      Justin - I mentioned Boje and Gibbs as just 2 examples. I could also have mentioned Gulam Bodi and Morne van Wyk - our two best batsmen in limited overs cricket in the 2006/7 season - yet NEITHER even made a 15 man squad to the CWC in the West Indies in 2007.... Yet - Boucher did. While Morne van Wyk was the highest run scorer, with the best average - in BOTH the 50 over format and Pro 20 that season - a player who should've made the squad on batting alone - the fact he was a very capable keeper - should've made him the first player chosen - BUT NO - he had to be left behind - so that the useless little MYTH - Boucher - could be kept secure in his place... Net result - the Proteas were PATHETIC that year at the CWC!! Smith kept his job, Boucher kept his place - and with Kallis - the 3 of them kept ruling the team - and we went nowhere...... Stuff them - who the f#ck do they think they are??? We will NEVER be consistently no. 1 in Test or ODI cricket - while we have little cliques of untouchables in the team - and having to carry passengers - ie Boucher. Fact is - I, like many others, are sick and tired of this little clique in the team - and Boucher's continued presence - and, while he is in the team - I will support every other opposition team - until they get rid of the rubbish!! Boucher "save the team" - are you kidding?? If Gary Kirsten keeps on with him - I hope his tenure at the helm is a complete failure - deservedly so!

      Nick - 2011-10-27 16:23

      Oh - and by the way - I was referring to Morne van Wyk and Gulam Bodi's form in domestic limited overs cricket that season - ie 2006/7... Where else does one judge a player's ability to break into the national team anyway...??

      Alex - 2011-10-28 11:59

      @nick dont forget Jacques Kallis visits Hilton! you just jealous because you werent invited, and maybe you dislike boucher because he is a Selbornian and if i remember correctly they beat you guys in the 1st XV Grey High School Festival (2-6 April)and lost 17-31

  • Steward - 2011-10-27 19:22

    I would personally love to see Morne Van Wyk given another chance at openers position in the team and also to take the gloves. Just makes the team a lot more balanced so that you can either pick an extra batsman or bowler then in your team or maybe someone like Albie Morkel.

  • Thopa - 2011-10-28 12:23

    I've a plan, The proteas are never going to drop Boucher & Smith. So as loyal supporters why don;t we start predicting what other batsmen will score to cater the dead johnnies in the team. i think Amla will score 75, Kallis 30, Jp 102, Miller 60 and quick fire 40 from Botha will push our score to over 300. Atleast the dead johnnies will always retain the positions and still not contribute last they last did 2yrs ago...

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