Boorish Oz behaviour slammed

2014-03-07 10:37

Sydney - Australians have acclaimed their cricket team's epic series win over South Africa, but not the manner in which they achieved it.

Michael Clarke's team Wednesday clinched a 2-1 series win over the world's number one-ranked Test side just months after thrashing England 5-0 in their home Ashes series.

But just as Australia dominated the South Africans with their aggressive brand of cricket under coach Darren Lehmann, the team was rebuked by sections of the media on Friday over their on-field behaviour during the final Cape Town Test.

"Darren Lehmann has guided the Australian cricket side to the top of the world. His next challenge is to control it," News Ltd cricket columnist Robert Craddock said.

"Australian fans like to see their side play tough cricket but social media in Australia yesterday had strong feedback from fans wanting their side to behave better.

"The sight of Michael Clarke angrily confronting umpires and Australian fieldsmen barking like dogs at batsmen left a lot of people cold and alienated from the team and its success."

Some Australian cricketers were pictured howling following the dismissal of South African batsman Faf du Plessis, in reaction to Du Plessis's comments likening them to "a pack of dogs" in the field.

Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland said the barking dogs incident might have been childish, but he saw it as funny.

"That's just typical childish cricketers, but he (Du Plessis) asked for that with his comments a few days earlier," Sutherland said in a radio interview.

"Some people might not see the humour in that but I did."

David Sygall, writing in Fairfax Media, said: "The Australian psyche is characterised by uncompromising toughness, determination and dignity.

"Those traits must no longer be confused with boorish and bullying behaviour.

"After another significant win by our national cricket team, too many people are only half-celebrating. Too many people feel the team has not spoken for them.

"Judging by commentary on websites and blogs across the country, a chunk of people too large to ignore feels disappointed by the team's behaviour. Many feel unrepresented by Clarke's men."

Clarke apologised for being "out of line" in a spat with South African Dale Steyn during the tense finish to the series-ending Test.

Clarke had already been the subject of a lecture from the match umpires, who were unhappy with how regularly the Australians were letting the ball hit the pitch when throwing in, a scuffing tactic which generally aids reverse swing.

The Australia captain conceded that he had been at fault in the showdown with Steyn that immediately followed the wicket of Vernon Philander being overturned.

"If anybody was out of line it was me and I apologise to the opposition player (Steyn) I was out of line to, a player who I have the utmost respect for, who tries to kill me every time I bat, who batted exceptionally well, and I was out of line," he said.

"Let's just say he got me at a bad time."


  • Roger Plaatjies - 2014-03-07 11:58

    Australians are bad sportsmen, cricket and rugby are the same, I think that's one reason why Jake White quit coaching the Brumbies. Few years back they mock the Nelson Mandela trophy after winning the Springboks, Childish year in and out? Please grow up and honor your opponents never mind if they win or loose. If you are good sport man, be good ambassadors for your country you represent.

      Carl De Beer - 2014-03-07 12:18

      Outback Red Necks.

      Antony Horan - 2014-03-12 01:29

      Jake White left because he was (as many Aussies believe) offered the Wallabies Coaching position and then someone in Admin vetoed it in favour of Ewen McKenzie. He actually enjoyed his time in Australia. Second you make the comment about poor sportsmanship. Be careful, Biff was unsportsmen like to blame the pitch at Centurion, else he would have admitted that they were outplayed. Clarke and Lehmann didn't blame the pitch or anything else for their loss in PE. What about Steyn? He is not very sportsmanlike when he dismisses someone, he can be very aggressive - just like Johnson or are you just like the rest of the world - Bag the Aussies when they when and point to their behaviour when there are plenty of other teams that do the same thing?

  • Drake Richardson - 2014-03-07 12:52

    Ever heard of the saying "fight fire with fire?" Sorry...... That would only apply to teams with fire. The Aussies are an arrogant lot yes. ...... But the quoteas just bent over for them and held the vaseline for them to boot. I thought they were just a little bit tougher than that.

      Craig Laing - 2014-03-07 13:18

      Drake, I hardly think batting for a day and a half and coming within 5 overs of saving the series can be interpretted as bending over and taking it. It was an exceptional piece of grit and determination that got the Proteas as close as they did. Something you clearly have no understanding of. The Australians had the better bowling attack in this series. Last time we demolished them (49 all out in one innings). The Aussie top four also performed far better than the Proteas...but at no point did anyone of the team give up and hand the series to Australia. Chasing over 400 runs on the final day is a near impossible feat. Second only to trying to bat out the day against a very good bowling attack on a lively wicket...which the Proteas came within 30 balls of doing. Maybe you should rather learn something about the sport before you make another base comment.

      Drake Richardson - 2014-03-07 13:26

      Vendeigo. ..... quick question..... how did they end up in that predicament you just described? They were on the proverbial ropes from the beginning. They got bowled out twice in 2 days. Brave? ....... I think not.

      Michael Simon - 2014-03-08 16:07

      Proteas got slaughtered in two tests guys. Face facts and rebuild; or wallow with excuses in decline. It's a stark choice. This business of coming within 30 overs of saving the series is specious. Saving a the series with a draw ?? You know the Aussies outplayed us in at least 70% of all sessions played in the series. Wake up and smell the coffee. Time to rebuild and that starts by admitting that we got smashed except for the second test.

  • Bryan Banwell - 2014-03-07 15:23

    Last time I looked we still more than 10 points on top of the ICC table so ""guided to the top of the world" is a bit of a arrogant statement!

  • Colin Murray - 2014-03-07 20:57

    I have been misguided into thinking cricket is a gentleman's game!. After watching the aggreshion with the way Johnson bowled at the batsman and not the stumps, his aim was quite obvious, yes, to hurt the batsman and not feel any remorse. It is a pity that Australia have gone that way as I used to enjoy watching Australia in the past when Bret Lee and Shane Warne played. Of course they were real gentlemen who played the game in true spirit.

      Alison Bains - 2014-03-08 07:59

      So u only watched the first test, Not the second and third.

      Ian Spear - 2014-03-09 15:00

      Senor Murray, what is your take on the barrage that Clarke was subjected to by Morkel, I suppeose that was enjoyable?

  • Alex Bax - 2014-03-07 23:14

    To be an arrogant winner and a bad looser tells the story of you.

  • Alex Bax - 2014-03-07 23:14

    To be an arrogant winner and a bad looser tells the story of you.

  • Peter Neilsen - 2014-03-08 08:16

    I might add that it was only SOME of the latte sipping commentariat here in Oz that came to that conclusion. Followed the tests, hard fought, and I thought headed for a drawn series. Well played both teams. As for sledging? We like the term "mental disintegration." Sounds more tactical. As to the way the posts here attacked your own team, your Captain, I've only seen worse on the Indian blogs. "Boorish" doesn't come close to describing it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Michael Morris - 2014-03-08 11:08

    Well Faf was correct. They are like a pack of dogs on the field. Actually he should have said a pack of wild dogs. They have always been like that. They quip and gibe with that nasal twang of theirs while tearing the opposition apart.

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