Aussies hunting Donald

2011-04-07 22:08

Johann de Jager

Bloemfontein - Allan Donald in canary yellow?

It sounds almost unthinkable, but 'White Lightning' has revealed that Australia are also interested in his services as a bowling coach.

The former leading bowler of the South African cricket team has revealed to Sport24 that he received a call from the Aussies hours after New Zealand offered him a new two-year contract.

"I was quite surprised. They just wanted to know whether I was available."

The 44-year old Donald said that he had not yet made a decision. He will discuss the issue with his wife Tina when she returns from England.

According to Donald, the contract with the Kiwis stipulates that he will be involved for 10 months in a year. He believes the Aussies’ interest is due to the good exposure he got with the New Zealand team.

The Kiwis made the semifinal of the recent Cricket World Cup in India.

Donald also said that Australian fast bowler Brett Lee, during the recently-concluded World Cup asked him in a roundabout way about his future plans. 


  • Sir Eidolon - 2011-04-07 22:23

    Never one to blow his own horn, our Alan :D

  • Blip - 2011-04-08 00:45

    Clearly he's a coach who can make a big difference, just as how in his playing career he was a bowler who could change a whole game on its head. Donald's definitely not someone who just goes through the motions and collects his wages.

      HueyPNewton - 2011-04-08 07:48

      "who could change a whole game on its head". Ja. Just like he did against Australia in CWC '99 Semi-Final.

      alessandroz067 - 2011-04-08 09:26

      He's a piel... NZ got to the semis because we let them beat us in the quarters and the group stage was structured in a suxh a way that the minows would have to beat two top ranked teams to get through. I don't rate this tjop at all...

      HueyPNewton - 2011-04-08 09:38

      @alessandro, so true. And New Zealand have always reached the semis without AD. I can't see what special contribution he made to the team.

      alessandroz067 - 2011-04-08 10:02

      @Huey: Our fellow Saffas are suffering from jealousy... It's like you're not yet over your ex and you see them with their new bf/gf and feel hurt... WTF? get over it. No one was harping on getting AD/GK as coaching staff a few years back... Why now? Because India won the WC and NZ made the It doesn't mean if we have GK we will win the WC in 2015... please people.

      AJ - 2011-04-10 06:40

      If Donald was brought here to coach, you'd have a whine about it, when he gets asked by other countries you do the same. So most test playing nations cricket boards rate him as valuable to the bowling department, and you geniuses think he's a 'tjop', a 'piel', or 'makes no contribution'... effing embarrassing reading this shit, guys.

  • Roy - 2011-04-08 06:17

    Get the impression that AD/White lighting is trying to say something to us.If he wants to go to the Aussies then he should go but please have a bit more decency,if "your team" win's.Don't try to belittle our team because it is not the players who did not want you.Why speak about the offers he got?keep quiet accept the offer and go on with job.Just hope that you are happy staying overseas and not longing to come back to SA.

  • kingswing69 - 2011-04-08 07:35

    Maybe S.A Cricket should catch a wake up .

      ME - 2011-04-08 07:47

      Bowling was our strength at the CWC. Honestly cannot see what will AD add value in.

      Rajty - 2011-04-08 08:48

      What must they do- force him to apply for the coaching job? or does he want us to crawl on our hands and knees begging him...he has given SA cricket very little since retiring as a player...and i think it is because he shares the view that SA is rascist towards whites. If that is the case then he should go because he will add no value here.

      TheEmperorWithanO - 2011-04-08 08:50

      only our spinners bowled well..... morkel and steyn were terrible.... sickening hetrocious, bad, terrible, disgusting..... i think they could use his services if you as ask me

  • The Odd One Too - 2011-04-08 07:39

    This chop cost us two world cups. Australia can have him!

      alessandroz067 - 2011-04-08 09:27

      Hell yeah!

      AJ - 2011-04-10 06:42

      Our team cost us 2 world cups. It's easy to look at the tailenders during the last 2 balls and blame them - just beacuse you did the maths in your head and it was 'doable'. Personally, I always wonder why the top 4 could not have made an extra 20 runs between them and saved the need for the tailenders to even be out there...

  • GHT - 2011-04-08 08:55

    I find it funny that we grow great cricket coaches like apples, but 2 of our 5 Super rugby coaches are Kiwis. And 1 of the 3 Saffas (he is the one in orange) is not SuperXV quality.

  • Stox - 2011-04-08 09:05

    @TheEmperorWithanO: "Hetrocious"? Really? But I think we need Gazza as head coach and AD as bowling coach. Why do we insist on exporting our best goods...? And to all those idjits saying: "Errr! He cost us a World Cup! Blah blah blah... therefore he can't coach us! Grunt grunt, snort...", that has precisely NOTHING/SQUAT to do with his abilities as a bowling coach. He didn't hear a call for a run in a deafening semi-final stadium... so what? It sucks but it's done. What he HAS done recently is excel at coaching an average bowling lineup into one that strangled some big batting lineups.

  • Colin - 2011-04-08 10:14

    Come on give AD a break, he is a bowler and certainly not a batsman who was blamed for us loosing a world cup. Rather put the blame on the opening and middle order batsmen who should have won and not left it to the tail enders to do their job. Please just let him make up his own mind as to his next coaching job.

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