Alviro eyes regular Test spot

2010-02-14 21:33

Kolkata - South Africa's Alviro Petersen strengthened his claim for a regular Test opener slot with a century on debut against India on Sunday.

The 29-year-old scored 100 and put on 209 for the second wicket with Hashim Amla (114) on the opening day of the second and final Test at Kolkata's Eden Gardens. The tourists, however, collapsed from a strong 218 for two to 266 for nine at the close of play.

Petersen made his debut after wicketkeeper Mark Boucher was ruled out with a back injury and opened in the place of Ashwell Prince who was moved down to his preferred middle-order.

"It is a special feeling, firstly making my Test debut and scoring a 100 in Kolkata, [which] is a fantastic venue, so I am really happy," Petersen, a specialist opener in domestic cricket, told reporters.

"Last night, I was told that I was definitely playing. So I had an evening to really think it over, and visualise what I wanted to achieve out of it," said Petersen, who became only the third South African after Andrew Hudson and Jacques Rudolph to scored a century on test debut.

"This morning when we won the toss and getting straight into it, as soon as I walked over it was just about my batting."

Petersen's first scoring shot was a flick to the boundary off pacer Ishant Sharma and he batted beautifully for his century.

"It's just the way it worked out. They were trying to get me out early and with that, maybe they offered me a couple of boundary balls and just got me started," said Petersen, who has played 10 one-day internationals.

"I am really determined when I put on the South African jersey to play. On my debut, it's just extra special getting a hundred, so playing for South Africa is a big honour for me."

Petersen fell just before tea when he edged medium-pacer Zaheer Khan behind.


  • Sharks supporter - 2010-02-14 22:58

    Great knock, Alviro. I am sure that you will keep your spot as opener as long as the consistency remains. We don't need 6/2 like the last test. As for after tea performance, well I think today's 'collap-Singh' was down to over confidence after so many times that Prince failed to deliver, and then we got going again. Tomorrow (today in India) is another day and another story. SA strike bowlers come to the fore. If we go down in this test, then the first victim must be the person that decided to sack one Mike Procter as a selector. Karma

  • Tommygun - 2010-02-14 23:04

    I have said this guy should have been the opener in the England series as he has the best technique of all our openers. Yes we had a dramatic collapse, but if we keep our heads we can still take this game. Biggest worry is when we bat again we can't afford Smith, Duminy and Prince to fail yet again. AB wants to be the best batsman, but his brain is not going to get him there anytime soon. Now we can see Bouchers value in the middle order.

  • Arsehole Prins - 2010-02-14 23:37

    Could KSA tell us for once and all if Prince is a BLACK APPOINTED PLAYER IN THE TEAM OF SA?Or did he have a contract which said his place is secured in the team.?Or is it a part of the game plan that he did not score more than 30 in his last 12 innings for the team?What is his average the last twelve months?6 or7?If he is not chosen as a batsman or bouler or wickey is he propbly chosen to look pretty on the field?I don't understand this.

  • Chris - 2010-02-15 06:45

    What a great relieve to see Alviro Petersen make his long awaited test debut. Well done sir ! You deserve a spot in the team. SA should have included him a long time ago. He plays his shot with so much ease and timing. I think SA finally got the right man to open in test matches. It remains a question where he should bat in limited overs matches. Although he is a specialist opening bat, he performed well in the middle against England. Watch this space, Alviro might just become our next best thing in SA cricket....

  • Babaloo - 2010-02-15 06:58

    Once again the "tried and tested" Ashwell Prince fails again. This is the 6th or 7th innings where he has failed in the team. His contribution to the team is almost non-existent and a player like Alviro deserves a spot in the team. As for JP Duminy, how at some stage a reporter on Cricinfo likened him to the "next Ricky Ponting", only God knows.

  • Burgiesburnin - 2010-02-15 07:00

    "Keep his spot" make him Captain!! Smith with no hurt finger wins the toss and out for 6. With hurt finger wins the toss and goes out for 4.

  • allan - 2010-02-15 07:06

    The old adage about it being "easier to get in to the side than get out of it" has never been more apparent. Duminy had a great series in Australia in 2008/9 but has done nothing since. Prince, dropped down to to the middle order which he prefers, failed yet again. Australia droppped Phillip Hughes ,who made a century against SA on debut, after a few failures and he now has to fight his way back into the side by sheer weight of runs in their domestic competitions. Why don't we ever learn, or are the selectors, whoever they might be, too sh*t-scared to upset the demographic balance of the side and anger the politicians?

  • THE MAN - 2010-02-15 07:22

    i get to work switch on the television in my office and all see highlights of India Smashing south africa for fours and sixes oh no sorry its not highlights this is live hahahah. virander sewag what a batsman much better than smith by miles...well well as i predicted smith going out for his usual 4 or 5 runs early on what a choker he is. Alviro has proved he is a far better batsman than smith and smith should then proove what a good captain he is by dropping himself for alviro to take his place but n pre madonna smith rather wants to take the glory by playing with his sore small finger what a joke. as we all predicted India are showing why they are the best team in the world smacking the sa bowlers for fours and sixes almost thought this was a 20/20 game. Go India 50 million south africans are behind you

  • Siyolo - 2010-02-15 07:34

    Duminy.........what is this guy doing in the team? Golden duck and drops Tendulkar??? Axe him!!!

  • brent - 2010-02-15 07:53

    what a BOY! Great stuff........

  • ELSA - 2010-02-15 08:09


  • Go SA - 2010-02-15 08:18

    @The Man - You are definitely NOT the Man and clearly know very little about the nuances of cricket. Next time you open that trap of yours just make sure that it is quite clear to everyone, you speak for yourself and yourself only, NOT for 50 million South Africans who support their team. As that Boxer in the Hilux ads would say, "WHAT A CHOP !!!!"

  • @the man - 2010-02-15 08:26

    "i get to work switch on the television" You must work for the gov, unreal!!!!!

  • @THE MAN - 2010-02-15 08:35

    please stop posting, its highlighting your lack of intelligence and common sense.

  • @ the man - 2010-02-15 08:50

    You are a fool, and clearly your cricket knowledge is severally limited in line with your general intelligence, which is probably why you work in Game selling TVs !

  • Ross - 2010-02-15 08:55

    well done Alviro and Amla, there is no point in commenting on the rest fo the team!!

  • Amandla - 2010-02-15 09:22

    Great to see Alviro come in and delivering like he did,great player and he's debut was long overdue. I hope they don't drop him when the "golden boy" Boucher recovers. What is Duminy really still doing in the side? He's had too many opportunities to recover his form to no avail,Corrie must hit AB's knuckles with a bat and tell him to pay attention. Well done to Amla too,what a man.Goog luck to our team.

  • willo - 2010-02-15 09:36

    @ (whoh)MAN you are having us on right? Well done Alviro and Amla. Amla might just be a captain in the wings. As for Prince and Duminy, I'm not sure they deserve their test spots at the moment but they can't be blaimed for the batting collapse. Rash shots from Kallis and Amla exposed the middle order and then Bhaji had a purple patch. It happens but it needn't have.

  • JP and Prince - 2010-02-15 09:38

    Why is everbody now on JP and Ashwell's case.JP average 32 in his first 11 test with 1 century and 3 fifties and vital ones as well and bet agaisnt who Australia the greatest team in the world.Gues what it led SA to its 1st series victory over AUS.If you look at Kallis start in test cricket.JP DESERVES TOM PLAY THE NXT 100 TEST.Prince's record speaks for itself the guys is not a opener he is doing for the side.AB started as an opener and did not make it,guess what everybody said???????

  • StaalBurgher - 2010-02-15 10:39

    People will be on Duminy's case now because he dropped Sehwag on 47 and through that our series win. Our bowlers were bowling well despite lack of swing. There is no way they can deny Petersen another start.

  • @ JP and Prince - 2010-02-15 11:04

    Everybody is commenting on their spots because of their lack of form. Its one of those things that happen. They are both great players struggling at the moment. Give them time to get back to their top, but not making runs (or even taking up time batting) is not the way. I think they might consider dropping either Prince or Duminy, with Boucher coming back in. But then again that will only be a worry in May when we play the Windies. Come Proteas take Ind down!

  • Auzzie - 2010-02-15 12:16

    And he is so right to command the opening regular test spot...provided biff does not see him as threat to his throne too this guy is greatness in the making here.JP needs time to reconvene his ability and Ashwell have been set up to fail all along in a position that he does not fit in and now that he is where he is due to the palookas who froced him in the opening spot they baying for his head!...don't you get it the guy has been set up by those with their own agenda in the team(the biff clan)...when AB failed no said ANYTHING in fact they even sugested he bat where HE wants to bat.There is and agenda to fullfil by CSA and we will achieve it and make this team a truly democratic representative team that reflects the demographics of SA...if you do not like it go to the nearest ocean,take a boat sail to the edge of the sea/ocean and fall off...will yeah! For those who want to c proctor to come back he's gone home dying peacefully.

  • Matibe Makola - 2010-02-15 16:30

    JP and Prince need a reality check............... They got good records, but the team need consistent performance not the past. Period

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