Adams appointed head coach

2010-05-31 18:28

Johannesburg - The Western Province Cricket Association has made two significant appointments, with Nabeal Dien taking over as General Manager and former Test star Paul Adams slotting in as Head Coach of the Western Cape Cricket Academy.

The Academy is a joint venture with the Boland Cricket Board.

"Western Province and the region generally has made two big catches with these appointments," said Andre Odendaal, Chief Executive of the WPCA and the Nashua Cape Cobras.

"Nabeal is one of the most respected and experienced administrators in amateur cricket in South Africa, while Paul inspired many youngsters during a distinguished playing career and is the ideal man to bring new energy to our Academy system."

Dien said he was determined to get amateur and youth cricket in the province "back to where it should be".

The former schoolteacher has a long history with Western Province cricket, having worked for the association for 11 years and rising to the position of Chief Executive of Amateur Cricket before leaving full-time employment in July 2008 to pursue other interests. Dien said he had three main objectives: `"Firstly, to raise youth cricket to a level where it can be a national role model and active feeder for the Cape Cobras and National sides.

"Secondly, I want our players at all levels to have confidence in our system."

Dien said he wanted to see a situation where good players remained loyal to Western Province. "Too many players produced in the Western Cape have gone on to play their cricket elsewhere," he said.

Another major challenge was to foster cricket in black African areas.

Adams, who took 134 wickets in 45 Test matches for South Africa, said he was excited by his appointment.

Currently completing his Level Three coaching qualification, Adams said he had enjoyed being involved with the Western Province team in recent years. "I believe the Academy is a very important part of our cricket.

We have a lot of talent in the Western Cape and my challenge is to get them ready to play first-class cricket."

Adams will be in charge of both the Western Province and Boland Academies, which both have 16 full-time students. The ages of the participants range from 18 to 23. The Academy programme is a mixture of education and practical cricket coaching.

Boland Chief Executive and Western Cape Cricket Academy Chairman, Omar Henry, said "Paul Adams is following in the footsteps of former Western Cape Academy coaches like Eddie Barlow, Peter Kirsten, Eric Simons and Vincent Barnes who all went on to higher honours as coaches. He is ideal for the job. Young players will look up to him and he knows his cricket".


  • cammie - 2010-06-01 08:01

    Personally, and for what it's worth, I firmly believe that Allan Donald would have been a far better choice as the Cobras Coach. Once the world's most feared bowler and an icon in the cricketing fraternity both then and now, it decries belief that a man of Donald's ability and talent continues to be cast aside by South African cricket. The experience and expertise he has imparted to Warwickshire and the England side over the years has, without doubt, borne fruit for both teams. When are the South African cricketing selectors, at provincial and national level, going to realise that talent's such as Donald's are vital to the future of South African cricket in general?!?!?!?

  • Pieter - 2010-06-01 09:13

    Hey Cammie, you did not read the article properly! Paul has been appointed coach of the Academy and not of the Cobras so there is still hope for you. Somehow I dont think so. Donald has the technical expertise and should be appointed our bowling coach but not as head coach. He would never command respect that a Head Coach requires. Have you listed to his commentary, yes the knowledge is there but he does not have the personality to command respect. And thats vital.

  • cammie - 2010-06-01 10:47

    Tks Pieter, apologies for that! However, I beg to differ regarding the respect aspect - who would have thought that Gary Kirsten would ever have had it in him to head up a team like India, but by goodness he has and what a great job he's done. With regard to Donald's commentary, yes I have listened and have to say that the man is streets ahead of many of his counterparts. Also, if as you say he does not have the personality to command respect, how is it that Warwickshire and England have come on in leaps and bounds. I'd put money on it that Donald commands the highest respect in cricketing circles, and know for a fact that England were very sorry to see him go. Just because the man is not all fire and brimstone, it does not mean he cannot or does not have the respect of others.

  • PAUL WHO? - 2010-06-01 11:07

    Correction : Paul Adams was hardly ever a "test star" ??

  • @ PAUL WHO? - 2010-06-01 11:24

    Can't agree more.Useless and overrated career.At most a club level bowler with a strange action.

  • Pieter - 2010-06-01 11:49

    Cammie, thanks. Lets just hope that whoever they appoint, he will make a difference! Cobra's need someone to take them to the next level and i said this 3 seasons ago already.

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